Take the Money and Run

Take the Money and Run on ABC

Morgan S., Reporter

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Among the abundance of new TV shows this fall is Take the Money and Run, a show in which two contestants are given $100,000 and one hour to hide it. After forty-eight hours of interrogation, the contestants can only keep their prize if they have succeeded in keeping the location of the money a secret from the show’s investigators.

The intensity of this show sets it apart from the numerous other crime and mystery shows on television. Contestants are brought into jail cells for their forty-eight hour interrogation, and the lights are dimmed to heighten the excitement. However, after the first few episodes the show became repetitive and, at times, confusing. The show seemed to lack originality in the personalities and motives of the contestants, making each new episode bring back deja vu of the previous one. There was also a deficiency when is came to structure. The need for a strict set of rules left viewers feeling frustrated and perplexed. As the show progresses, with a firmer set of rules and some variation in the contestants, Take the Money and Run has definite potential.