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DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Gabrielle C. '18, Writer

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    Halloween is approaching quickly, and if you love this holiday, you will want to dress up in a marvelous costume. Do It Yourself costumes are rather cheap compared to store bought costumes, plus it is much more simple to add your own creative twist to the costume.

   DIY costumes range from adults to teenagers to children. Couples are evidently fans of these Halloween costumes. Even pets, especially dogs, get dressed up in their best attire. Some of the more popular costumes, according to PopSugar, for adults are: Katy Perry, Lorde, Red from Orange is the New Black, Beetlejuice, Rosie the Riveter, Olaf, and many other lovable characters.

    PopSugar says teens usually try for costumes that are “the best of current pop culture and childhood nostalgia”. “Teens are still getting most of their money from their parents,” Business Insider stated, which the primary reason DIY costumes are good for teenagers. Some examples of DIY teen costumes are: zombies, classic burglar, Minions from Despicable Me, One Direction members, Regina George from Mean Girls, The Addams Family, and many more creative costumes.

   Children obviously have the most fun on Halloween. Between pumpkin carving, trick-or-treating, and being whomever they want for one night, the majority of children are ecstatic for Halloween.  Some ideas for toddlers and older children are food, storybook characters, mythical creatures, animals, Disney characters, and many more examples of real or imaginary creatures.

    DIY costumes are ultimately inexpensive and personal. They allow you to add personal touches and be more expressive to a person’s personality. DIY costumes seem to be the way to go this Halloween!

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DIY Halloween Costume Ideas