Favorite Netflix Show

Opening your computer on a rainy day after homework and chores are done. Cozying down in your bed to open Netflix and watch your favorite tv series. Netflix is an app that contains hundreds of tv series and movies ready to watch on the go.
A survey sent out to 50 teenagers showed that their favorite Netflix show was “The Vampire Diaries.” It was a close call with the top two shows having a one vote difference. The second place answer was “Grey’s Anatomy” and third was “Gossip Girl.”
“I like [‘The Vampire Diaries’] because it has a lot of seasons and they are all interesting, and you can never get bored from it,” said Marion Kamara, a freshman from Kingsway Regional Highschool.
“The Vampire Diaries” received ten votes as the favorite show, giving it the win. Surprisingly “The Office” only got three votes but those three people showed that “The Office” is a good show to watch for laughs.
“‘The Office’ is my favorite show from the list because I think it’s very funny and very entertaining,” said freshman Chloe Carlson.
No matter what someone’s favorite Netflix series is, Netflix’s success largely comes from their wide variety of shows.
“I think it’s [Netflix is] great because there are so many shows of many different genres. So, no matter what kind of shows you like, I feel like there’s something for everyone. I also love how they’re always bringing in new stuff and I always feel like I have something to watch.” said freshman Anna Diaz.