Gina Smith

Smiling with some of my friends from Padua before our last Winter Ball.

Concerns as a High School Senior

   I never would have thought that I would be stressing about whether or not I will be able to walk at graduation, dance with my friends at my senior prom, or simply ride out my last few months in school as a senior with my best friends. That may sound dramatic, but it is something that has been on my mind lately. 

   Due to the coronavirus, schools, college campuses, and places of work are being shut down. Most colleges that I have heard of are closed for the rest of the year and some college graduations are even being canceled. But for everything else, nobody really knows when things can reopen and turn back to normal.

   School is one of the only places for me where I can see all of my friends on any given day. We all have busy lives and hectic schedules outside of school, often filled with homework, jobs, and sports. I might dread actually partaking in school work most days, but I love going to school just to see my friends.

   I have been going to school with most of my friends for 12 years, others for 8 years, and some I met in my four years at Padua. The thought of possibly not finishing out my senior year with those same girls is not just upsetting, but it is genuinely heartbreaking.

   I understand that I could be back at Padua, complaining about having to wake up super early in order to arrive on time, in just a couple of weeks. But, what if I’m not? What if I am never able to have one more day sitting in a Padua classroom? I really hope to be back as soon as possible, but remaining positive during these times can be challenging.

   Nobody really knows what is going to happen in the next few months. Nobody can say if we’re going to have a senior prom, if we’re going to have a graduation, or if we will be able to have another day inside of Padua.

   Walking down the aisles of St. Anthony of Padua Church and receiving my full bloomed yellow rose alongside my diploma is something I have been excited for since I first walked through the doors of Padua as an official student. 

   Not everybody can say that they have loved their highschool experience, but I can proudly say that I have. I honestly miss everything about Padua, even worrying about getting an infraction by Mrs.Manelski, having to quickly change into nun shoes before school starts, and constantly checking my schedule to see what lunch I have. I realize that even in these stressful (or maybe not so stressful) situations that I am with my friends between it all.

   All of my worrying could be for nothing because truly nobody knows anything for certain. People could be hyping this virus up to something that it isn’t. I might get to walk at graduation, get all dressed up for prom, and spend the little time I have left at Padua in school with my friends. But, my senior year could have just been cut a little too short.

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