Some Positive Thoughts About the Past Three Months

It’s crazy to think that we have been doing distance learning for a little over 2 months now. I can’t believe that school is ending in less than a week. This year has been different, but our school really does come together as a sisterhood community in the end, like it always will.

 I think we could all agree that this year wasn’t ideal and there were lots of negatives, but I thought I’d talk about the positives of these last few months of school.

For one thing, I’m a freshman this year, so last year was so much different from high school. There’s of course more work and more you have to think about, but distance learning had showed me how much our Padua staff really cares about us. They want us to succeed in every way possible and will do anything in their power to make sure we are getting the education we need in the future. Every high school teacher’s job of course is to make sure their students are ready for college, but not being able to see everyone just shows how much the teachers care, which really means something. Some teachers could just give us work to do throughout the week, but ours make sure we’re understanding and will take the time to talk separately if we need the extra help. I love knowing the fact that we have teachers who still care so much about our education even when at home.

 Another positive about this year is how our whole school came together to make sure everyone finished the school year on a good note. We had our last Mass of the school year online which I thought was so cool considering everyone was watching from home possibly in bed, like me. It just shows our whole Padua community coming together to make sure we have the best year possible, because that took some time to make!

 Being in distance learning has also brought out the type of learner I am which could be helpful for next year. You can see if for next year you should work on anything for your learning such as time management, or even procrastination, which I probably need to work on not getting distracted so easily!

 The last positive thing about this school year was taking time for yourself. I’m sure lots of us had after school activities on a normal basis, where they’d go on until late at night, then had to do your homework right away. Being at home all the time gave you a chance to relax and do things on your “own schedule”. You didn’t have to feel rushed all the time, and me personally I got a lot of time to myself which was pretty nice.

Although this wasn’t our ideal school year, everyone has still made this such a great year!


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