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Stations of the Cross

Maria R., Reporter

April 18

Filed under Spirituality & Service

On Wednesday April 16th, Padua Academy had Stations of the Cross in the Cafetorium. It was a very reverent mass and everyone participated in singing the psalms and praying the prayers. Seniors read each station and each station...

Sarah Hart Takes On Padua Academy

Sydney J, Reporter

April 16

Filed under Spirituality & Service

On April 11, 2014, Padua Academy had a special guest, Sarah Hart, come and sing during their assembly. Sarah Hart also accompanied the Padua seniors on their senior retreat and accompanied Padua students on their Pilgrimage o...

Partners In Science

Julia M, Reporter

March 28

Filed under Spirituality & Service

March 25, began the first day of “Partners in Science”, a service project that allows Padua students to go over to the Urban Promise School in Wilmington De. The Urban Promise School allows young kids a place to come after...

The Freshman Retreat

Aoife M., Reporter

February 5

Filed under Spirituality & Service

The 2013 freshman retreat was held on December 17th. At 8:15 in the morning, the freshman walked over to the near-by Westminster Presbyterian church. The theme for the retreat was to be the best you that you can be. Many games...

Service at Padua

Service at Padua

January 16

Pro-Life Advocates Speak Out

Nikki R., Editor

January 15

Filed under Spirituality & Service

Delia DeAscanis and Jessica Ferraro of the Right to Life visited Padua on January 8 to display their pro-life views. Padua students were asked to envision how babies are “just a bunch of cells” in the first trimester. These...

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