Is Black Friday shopping worth it?


Hannah B. '23

Marshall's Home goods Black Friday sale.

Is Black Friday shopping worth it?
With the holiday season upon us, many shoppers are looking to find deals on products and goods, whether it be online or in stores. Black Friday, which is the busiest shopping day of the year, can fulfill the holiday shopping sprees, while Cyber Monday is very similar. Cyber Monday is exactly like Black Friday only for online shoppers.
Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving Day, where shoppers go to their favorite stores in hopes of buying products for better prices than they would on a normal day.
I personally prefer to go out shopping on Black Friday for various reasons, but before I share my thoughts, I thought I would share the opinions of the individuals I polled.
I did a poll to see what was more popular over Thanksgiving dinner. I polled 20 family members on if they like Black Friday shopping or online shopping. 12 people had said they like to go out and shop, while 8 said they would rather do online shopping. This begs the following question: Is it worth your time going out to stores, or just shopping online?
When I asked the 12 people why they prefer to go out on Black Friday, the most common response I got was “You can actually try your clothes on to make sure they fit” says Ginny Hegerman.
Another top response was how stores have doorbuster deals on Black Friday. These deals are limited in number, but will save you 50% or more on the product such as Best Buy, and Target.
Next, the individuals who prefer online shopping like not having to leave their home for the items they wish to have. My family members expanded by saying many retailers offer next day shipping, which to them, is better than dealing with the crowds.
I personally would prefer to go out shopping on Black Friday for about the same reasons as the others stated. I like the fact that you can actually see for yourself if the clothing, in specific, fits correctly, and even if the item is how one would envision them.
On Black Friday this year, I went to Dick’s Sporting Goods because they were having 25% off everything in the store, and I wanted to purchase a pair of sweatpants, but without trying it on, I probably wouldn’t have gotten the size correctly.
While it is nice to shop in the leisure of your own home, my personal opinion would be to shop in the stores, even with the chaotic crowds.