UGive: A Padua Student’s Helpful Tool

March 31, 2017


Students use UGive to keep track of their service hours.

As one of the four “S’s” of Padua, service plays an essential role in everyday lives of students. Volunteers are constantly needed for organizations such as West End Neighborhood House, Mom’s House, and Urban Promise after school programs. In order to keep track of volunteers that are needed and have signed up, Padua uses a program named U-Give.  “This is our fourth year of using UGIVE.  And the beautiful thing is that there tends to be a lot of variety in what students sign up for!”, says service director Mrs. Alinda. 

Not only does the program keep track of volunteer opportunities in our local community, it also monitors the number of service hours students have completed. It is required that freshmen and sophomores complete a total of fifteen service hours and juniors and seniors complete twenty hours by the end of the school year. “Personally I think that UGive is helpful because without it I wouldn’t be able to keep an accurate track of my service hours”, says Sarah T ‘17.  Upperclassmen in Padua’s Service in Action team are the students responsible for placing opportunities on U-Give. “When new service opportunities are put onto U-Give like going to Saint Francis’ Hospital, it’s a nice little chance because you’re down the street from school and you’re going with your friends”, says Sarah T ‘17.


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