Ms. Wallen: A Profile of Theology and Traditions


Katie M.

Ms. Wallen has been at Padua for six years

Katie M. '17, Managing Editor

Born in Delaware County, Ms. Wallen has been living a life filled with vocation and theology. Ms. Wallen attended Neuman University with an undergraduate degree in early childhood and elementary education, and La Salle University with a master’s degree in theology. Ms. Wallen first came to Padua with the help of Mrs. Duppel, who was Ms. Wallen’s campus minister at Neuman University when she was a freshman. Mrs, Duppel then left, and they met again when Mrs. Duppel was teaching at Padua and advised Ms. Wallen that there was an opening available for a religion teacher. “Faith has always been an important aspect of who I am, so it was natural for me to move to that direction”, says Ms. Wallen.

Ms. Wallen says that if she wasn’t a religion teacher, that her ultimate goal was to be an administrator ither in a Catholic elementary school or Catholic high school. Ms. Wallen has now been at Padua for five years and she says that some of her favorite Padua traditions include Tree Trim. “I love Tree Trim and I love being a part of it, as student council moderator”, says Ms. Wallen. Another one of Ms. Wallen’s favorite traditions is having Mass together as a community. “Closing liturgy is one of my favorite special Masses because teaching seniors is a big deal all year, so being able to see them on their final day of classes really is a great experience for everyone”. Ms. Wallen advises her students that you will survive, no matter what bad test or bad project. “The girls in this school are phenomenal young ladies, and I think all of them will survie high school and move on to greater things”.