Chicago Cubs win World Series over Cleveland Indians

Kelsey E. '20, Reporter

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On Wednesday November 2, 2016, the Chicago Cubs broke their 108 year World Series Championship drought and won the World Series in front of thousands of people in Cleveland, Ohio. The Chicago Cubs beat the Cleveland Indians in Game 7 in the final series that consisted of a nail-biting 10 inning game with many comebacks, errors, and even a 17 minute rain delay to win the championship.

The Chicago Cubs had previously been called “unlucky” and “cursed” by many baseball fans across the country. Like the Cubs, the Cleveland Indians had also been called “cursed.” They have not won a World Series title since 1948, and that slump will continue upon the Indians for at least another year.

The Chicago Cubs regular season record was 103-58-1, meaning that the Cubs won 103 games, lost 58 games, and tied one game in their regular season consisting of a total 162 games. The Cubs had the best overall record over the other 30 MLB teams entering the playoffs. Their record allowed them to skip the wild card playoff and go directly to the National League Division Series where they faced off against the San Francisco Giants who were the winner of the wild card playoff game. In a quick five game series, the Cubs beat the Giants in four very competitive and evenly ranked games. Following this series, the Cubs progressed to the National League Championship Series where they squared off against the Los Angeles Dodgers in a best of seven series. The two teams played six games against each other that either went in one team or the other team’s favor. In their final series of the 2016 Playoffs, the Cubs faced off against the Cleveland Indians. This series started off with the Cleveland Indians leading the Cubs 3-1 in the best of seven series and had almost all of America favoring the Indians to win. The Cubs and their supportive fans did not give up hope though and powered back to tie the series up 3-3 entering a crazy game seven in Cleveland. The game started off with the Cubs taking a lead early in the game, which was then challenged by the Indians who eventually forced the game into extra innings. In the 10th inning, the Cubs finally ended the 2016 Playoffs and ended their “curse.”

Maggie P. ‘20 is also a big baseball fan. “My family is a big baseball fan and so am I,” said Maggie. “We love the Boston Red Sox, but we also support the Toronto Blue Jays,” said Maggie when she was asked what her favorite team was. When asked about the World Series, Maggie said, “When the World Series started, I thought that the Indians were going to win, but I was very happy that the Cubs won.”


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