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Brynna B. ’20
Brynna is a junior at Padua Academy. She loves writing, acting, dancing, and watching TV. Her favorite things to watch are Stranger Things, Sherlock, The 100, and Harry Potter. Brynna also enjoys reading and tries to find time to whenever she can.

Brynna also likes to travel. She has traveled to London multiple times. She wants to travel throughout Europe one day. In her future, she wants to work in publishing. Brynna eventually wants to move to a city, maybe even London.

She also has a five-year-old Portuguese water dog named Tupper. He is a bit antisocial and, ironically, hates the water, but loves to play outside. He loves eating important things such as money, checks, and homework, but Brynna loves him very much nonetheless.

Brynna B. '20, Reporter

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