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Devon C. ’22
Devon is a freshman at Padua. She wants to do something with writing in her future, and she is excited to be taking this journalism course to hone her skills. Devon has lived in Delaware her whole life, but she eventually plans on traveling to “as many places as humanly possible.” Her top travel destination is Morocco.

Currently, she lives with her mother, older brother, and dog, Gizmo. It is quite possible that Gizmo is in the CIA or some other intelligence agency, similar to the well known Perry the Platypus. Either that or he is a vampire dog. Evidence of this includes strange behavior (such as refusing to go outside) and sudden and random interest in indoor exercise training.

Gizmo is undoubtedly a good match for Devon’s family. Devon’s mother works in cybersecurity, particularly in anti-terrorism movements. This is a field Devon is also interested in pursuing—perhaps she will end up in some fantastic hybrid of journalism and cybersecurity.

Devon C. '22, Reporter

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