Jennifer Cardamone
What grade are you in?
  • I am a freshman at Padua.
What is your favorite food?
  • My favorite food is pretty much all kinds of sweets and baked goods from any bakery or restaurant. I have a major sweet tooth so I can never turn down dessert.
Favorite music?
  • My favorite type of music is alternative and pop, especially music made by Halsey, Selena Gomez, and Shawn Mendes.
Why are you taking journalism?
  • I am taking taking Multimedia Journalism because I have a passion for writing and I wanted to gain some experience. I also like to tell stories, so being able to write articles to inform people about things that have happened seemed appealing to me.
Best advice you’ve ever received?
  • The best advice I have ever received was when my mom told me to “Breathe”. I usually don’t take breaks and try to plow through everything which makes me stressed, so this reminds me to stay calm.

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