Olive D. ’19
Olive D. has not let her fear of snakes and failing in school get in the way of her ambition to be successful in school and eventually go to college.  Olive is a current sophomore at Padua Academy and is interested in journalism because she enjoys interviewing others and writing stories.  Olive is a very hard-working and determined individual, who sees herself in the future as a college graduate and has a successful job in journalism.  When asked about school and how she works under pressure, Olive replied, “ I feel I work well under pressure because it encourages me to get it done.”  In school, Olive enjoys Literature and Journalism, but is not as strong in Geometry and Science.  If you were to ask Olive what she would be doing outside of school, it would hanging out with friends, running track, and sleeping.  Sports are a big part of Olive’s life and along with track, Olive has played competitive volleyball for both school and club.  Olive is a great team player and defined it as a person that has a good attitude, works well with others, and is always open-minded.  Olive admires sports athletes, especially olympic athletes and when asked about who she would be for a day, she replied, “I would want to be an olympic track athlete because they love what they are doing, and are successful at it.”  When I also asked Olive about who her role models were, Olive said that sports athletes are because they are successful in their field and have battled through a lot of different hardships and her parents are also great role models.  Olive also loves social media and reading magazines such as People and OK and her favorite types of media to read are Daily Mail, People, ESPN, and BuzzFeed.  Her favorite music genres are Rap and EDM, which is short for electronic dance music, but, “No country,” which she made very clear.  Olive enjoys to eat foods such as pizza, chicken tenders, fries, and ice cream.  If she could have any superpowers, she would have the powers of invisibility. 

Olive D. '19, Staff

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