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Brandi is an energetic youth leader with a passion for making her community a better place. She is a 12th grade student at Padua Academy where she developed Padua GEMS, a program that focuses on cultural awareness as the key to a woman’s success. Brandi is also active in her school's student government, the Interact Club, and Distant Sisters.  She is a 2010 Governor’s School of Excellence participant and a past Jefferson Award recipient. In 2009, she was a Featured Poet at the Ebb & Flow: Young Poets Speak Event at the National Black Arts Festival in Atlanta, Georgia. Recognizing that education is the gateway to social justice, Brandi shares her original poetry with people in drug recovery programs. She also hosts creative writing workshops for teens and young adults in youth serving organizations. In her free time, Brandi likes to write, read, and participate in community service projects.

Brandi B., Opinions Editor

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