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Maddie M. ’23
     Maddie is a freshman at Padua Academy and she has two dogs and one sister. She chose to come to Padua because the environment seemed really welcoming. Her favorite class here is history. Before she came to Padua, she went to Newark Charter School. After school, she does her homework, makes dinner, and watches TV, including her favorite tv show, The Office

     Maddie's favorite holiday is Christmas and she enjoys going to her aunt's house at this time. Her birthday is October 1st which is in her favorite season, fall. 

     She loves playing volleyball, and doing track, and listening to music, especially Rex County Orange. Her favorite food includes anything with avocado on it.

     Something that most people don't know about Maddie is that she didn't know how to roll her Rs until she was eleven, however she is really good at whistling. 

     One of her best experiences was when she rode a camel. One of her worst experiences was when she threw up at Cape Cod in front of a JFK memorial and had to stay in bed for the rest of spring break.


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