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Maddie Z. ’18
Maddie Z. is a junior at Padua Academy who is very passion about art and digital design. Her hopes are to be doing some things related to programming, IT, or graphic design because she is interested in web design, photography, and graphic art.  Maddie would say she is really great in English and history but really dislikes math. When not in school she volunteers at the hospitals and plays the piano. She loves the story Dracula by Bram Stoker and enjoys the writings of Edgar Allen Poe or Shakespeare. When asked why she signed up for Multimedia Journalism she said, “I signed up because I wanted to learn about the subject, I was expecting to report on current school events.” She believes that quality means something that you proud to put your name on. For two years Maddie Z. has participated in Mock Trial and plans on joining again this year. Someplace she hopes to visit are Sweden, Germany, and Japan. “If I could meet anyone dead or alive it would be Heath Ledger, my grandfather and Thomas Jefferson” she said.  Maddie’s motivation stems from her parents and her own expectations. She considers herself an ambitious because she loves to try new things like new foods. If Maddie could be anybody for a day she said, “I would want to be Marilyn Monroe because she thinks her life was very interesting.” When asked if she could have any superpower she responded with time control. Saw and Star Wars are her all time favorite movies. Maddie’s role models in life are her dad and Audrey Hepburn. Maddie defines a team player  as a person who gives everyone a chance to express their ideas and goal.

Maddie Z. '18, Staff

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Maddie Z. ’18