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Marissa D. ’16
Seen in the halls of Padua Academy, she may seem like your average senior.  Stressing about completing her college applications in time and that dreaded senior research paper.  She’s seen talking to friends and working hard in classes.  She can be seen in the pool, swimming for Padua or just for fun and on Padua Academy TV.  During the school year, Marissa D. '16 is your average Panda.  But by summer, she’s a superhero.

Ok, Marissa may not be a real superhero, but she does save lives.  She works as a lifeguard at Lane’s Swim Club.  However if she did have a superpower, she would want to be able to be invisible.  When she is not swimming for Padua or working to protect children at the pool, she is volunteering with her Church or just helping friends and family.  Marissa is the type of person who could talk to anyone.  She is a shoulder to cry on and a helping hand.  On her swim team, she received the sportsmanship award which gave her a great amount of pride.  Marissa is very accepting of others and works extremely well with others.

When Marissa isn’t swimming, at school or helping the people around her, she is on Twitter or at the beach soaking up some sun.  She loves listening to Lana Del Ray and Taylor Swift, or anything popular on the radio.  If she can wear a dress, you better believe she will be.  Marissa is a fan of John Green’s “Paper Towns” and the Philadelphia Phillies.  She will never say no to some frozen yogurt.  If she could meet three famous people, she would choose to meet her favorite singer Lana Del Ray, John F. Kennedy since he was the topic of her National History Day project last year, and Teresa Giudice from “The Real Housewives of New Jersey.”  However, her greatest role model is her mom.

After she finishes her high school career at Padua, Marissa would like to see herself at either University of Delaware, West Chester University, or at St. Joe’s University.  She would like to have a communication major that involves writing and broadcasting, as long as she doesn’t panic under the pressures of college courses.  She hopes to be a successful news journalist and dreams of seeing Capri, an island in Italy’s Gulf of Naples, Laguna Beach in California, and all the big cities in Australia.  For now though, Marissa will continue to work hard in her classes and in the pool.

Written by Brianna V. '16

Marissa D. '16, Associate Editor

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