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Mary M. ’21
     Mary is a junior at Padua Academy. She was born on July 16, 2003 in Philadelphia, but moved to Middletown, Delaware when she was little. Mary was educated at Christ the Teacher before she came to Padua. She made the decision to come to Padua after her sister, Augustina, came here. She then realized that it would be the right environment for her. Since coming to Padua, she has participated in track, Blue Gold, and Mock Trial. 

     Some of Mary’s favorite things to do include shopping and watching Netflix, specifically her favorite show, Gossip Girl.  Mary’s favorite color is blue and she loves eating Chinese food. Some of Mary’s biggest pet peeves is loud chewers. Her favorite time of year is winter because she loves the Christmas season. She also loves to listen to music, her favorite artists being Shawn Mendes and Billie Eilish.

     Mary doesn’t have any pets, but her dream is to have a sugar glider. She has been to Canada, the Virgin Islands, Aruba, and Sierra Leone. One day, Mary hopes to vacation in Hawaii. In the future, she is interested in going to law school and pursuing a career as a lawyer.


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