Welcome to the Sisterhood

Alexis F.

Lexi G and Christy M are two of Padua's newest upperclass students.

Alexis F.

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In the beginning of the school year, Padua accepted nine transfer students.   We now welcome these four sophomores and five juniors as our new sisters at Padua Academy.  Two of these new students,  Lexi G. and Christy M., shared about their personal experiences with this transition into the sisterhood.

Lexi is a 16 year old who transferred into the junior class this year.  She is finding her way around Padua without any issues.  She says it is a lot different than her old school, which is co-ed and didn’t have uniforms.  One of the only difficulties Lexi is having is managing the heavy workload, which was much lighter at her old school.  She has not had any issues making friends because everyone has been incredibly friendly and welcoming.  Padua stood out to her because, although it was a serious college preparatory school, she saw how many activities the school offered.    At first it was different for her to be in a classroom with just girls, but discovered that this led to far fewer distractions, and has now adjusted to the change.

Christy is a 15 year old who joined the sophomore class this year.  She is adjusting well and making her way around Padua easily.  Becoming a member of the field hockey team has made it easier to adjust.  Padua differs from her old school because Padua is an all-girls school, and her old school was co-ed.  Since Christy is in some honors classes, the workload can be challenging, but she is handling it well.  She has no challenge in making friends because, before she came to Padua, she already knew a lot of Padua girls.  And she says even the people she didn’t know have been very friendly and kind to her.  What made Padua stand out for her more than any of her other choices is the sisterhood.  She felt that all of the girls had a special bond with one another and saw that everyone looked out for one another.  Christy transferred because most of the people she hung out with go to Padua, and she said she felt like she could feel more comfortable here.  Not having boys in Padua is very different for Christy but does not see it as a negative and doesn’t notice the change anymore.