Sophomore Adjustments

Nicole B.

The sophomore class thought the new school year would be an easy adjustment, considering it is their second year here at Padua Academy.  However, when introduced to the new schedule, lunch line, and grading website, déjà vu of freshman year bubbled up.  The new schedule had students running around in a haze, the cafeteria lines stretched out farther than ever, and students panicked when trying to figure out how to check their grades.

One sophomore student, Courtney Blair, had some positive feedback about the new schedule change: “It is very different for sure, and it gives us more time to complete assignments and study for tests.”  Flex time is greatly appreciated by the sophomores, and cycling out of classes each day relieves stress by giving more time for assignments.  But the new grading website, NetClassroom, leaves one sophomore, Marlena Kelleher, frustrated: “NetClassroom is not as easy as Edline,” says Marlena.  While NetClassroom is difficult to use at first, students have high hopes that it will become easier as the year goes on.

Padua’s new catering service has students excited about the new foods on the menu, which means more students are going to buy lunch each day.  With more students buying lunch, the lines are getting longer and are moving slower. Sophomores had become so used to the short lines of previous years and had always paid in cash.  With the new longer lines and card-scanning system, sophomores had to adjust once again.  Bridget Fassano states that “the lunch lines were disorganized at first, but seem to be more routine now.”  It seems that this is the case with most of the new changes: what was unusual at first is steadily becoming more comfortable. Sophomores are learning to adjust to the new changes, and are finally feeling like a sophomore class once again.