Snickers Wants to Change the Date of Halloween


Anya B. '23, Reporter

It’s that time of year again, Halloween.

Halloween is a holiday where kids dress up and go door to door asking for candy or people get dressed in costumes and go to parties. Halloween lands on October 31st, or but will it forever?

Snickers candy bar posted on Twitter July 26 saying, “A Thursday Halloween? Not Satisfying. Halloween on the last Saturday of October? Satisfying. If the Fed Govt. makes it official, we’ll offer 1 million free SNICKERS to America. Join the petition!”

Snickers claims that there are 3,800 injuries on Halloween each year because kids don’t use visibility aids such as reflective tape and kids don’t go out with flashlights while trick or treating.

This caused a debate in the comment section of the post. Some of the comments were against this, saying things such as, “[Seriously,] to some, Halloween is sacred. Not only that, most communities [already] have trick or treat on another night! You do NOT have to change the holiday! Just make a trick or treat night or something.”

Others believed that this was a great idea. “Signed!! Totally down for this with 3 school aged kids!” one comment said.

Though some people completely disagree with this. Marlena Knoll, a freshman at Padua Academy, is one of those people. “If you move Halloween to a Saturday, it doesn’t make kids safer because there will be more drunk drivers out on the road considering it’s a weekend and not a weekday when kids have school and adults have work. Also if kids go out on Halloween without reflective tape or flashlights, how is moving it to a Saturday going to change that?”, said Knoll.

As of right now Halloween will still be taking place on Thursday, the 31st, but will that change in the future?