Where Dreams Come True: The New Disney Plus

Mary M. '21

It’s every nostalgic 2000s teenager’s dream: a place where almost every single one of Disney’s movies, TV shows, and originals can be accessed. The new Disney Plus streaming service was made available on November 12, and it’s already gaining in popularity. 

Junior Abby Freebery expressed her excitement over the new service. “I am excited for Disney Plus because it combines so many elements of the media in my life. It includes what I watched during childhood, and what I have been watching now.”

Mary Musa
The interface of the new Disney Plus is simplistic, yet attractive. It includes featured movies and allows users to browse categories.

Disney Plus includes all of Disney’s family-friendly content, including movies as old as Snow White, which was released in 1938, and movies as recent as the new Lion King remake, which was released during the summer. The service also includes content from Disney-owned companies, like Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars, and National Geographic.

It also offers competitive pricing–$6.99 for Disney Plus, or $12.99 for a package that includes ESPN+ and Hulu. Not only is this pricing cheaper than HBO, but it is around the same price as Netflix’s standard plan, putting it in competition with the two other streaming services.

“I think Disney Plus absolutely offers a better selection than Netflix,” said Molly Shapiro. “and if you’re a big Disney, Marvel, or Star Wars fan, Disney Plus absolutely has more content than any other streaming service on the market.”

When users first subscribe to Disney Plus, they are able to personalize their selections. Subscribers can add shows and movies to their Watchlist, like Netflix, and search for different selections. Shows and movies are categorized in to Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic.

Mary Musa
Disney Plus includes many selections of the company’s classic movies. The movies are listed by specific categories.

It’s clear that excitement about the new service is in the air. “I’m excited about Disney Plus because I can rewatch all of my favorite childhood shows,” said Junior Amanda Jose. “It makes me feel nostalgic, like I can relive my childhood.”