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Gabby C. ’18
 Gabrielle “Gabby” C. is a junior at Padua Academy and the associate editor for Padua 360. She has always had an interest in writing and photography since the age of eleven. She also loves a good story, which is the reason she joined the Padua 360 team. In her free time, she writes her own stories and reads from her book collection. Besides reading and writing, she is also a field hockey goalie. Gabby loves going to the movies, especially with her friends; her favorite types of movies are action, fantasy, comedy, and documentaries. Gabby likes to be independent because she likes to be free and make her own decisions. Her plans for the future involve her graduating from high school and moving on to college, though she is not quite sure which college to attend. She has an older brother named Tommy and a younger sister named Lisa. Gabby’s favorite food is pasta because she loves the taste of it and she is of Italian descent. Her favorite color is pink; though most people think it is blue or black because she wears those colors the most. Her favorite subjects are English and science, but is mediocre in math. Gabby would describe her style as casual, but has a tendency to dress in darker colors or as a tomboy. She doesn’t have any pets but wishes she had a pet mouse because she thinks that they look adorable. Gabby always strives to do her best, but is content about not being perfect because no one is perfect.

Gabby C. '18, Associate Editor

Nov 10, 2016
Padua Junior Retreat Photo Gallery (Story)
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