Maddie Zink
What grade are you in?
  • I’m a senior at Padua.
What is your favorite food?
  • My favorite food is my homemade enchiladas.
Favorite music?
  • I love all music under the umbrella term of rock, but more specifically grunge, post-grunge, and alternative. My favorite band of all time is Thirty Seconds to Mars.
Why are you taking journalism?
  • I’m taking journalism because it is my goal to be a reporter for a major media company, such as Forbes or National Geographic.
Best advice you’ve ever received?
  • The best advice I’ve ever received is “You make the world more beautiful by just being in it”. I received a gift box from my doctor over four years ago and it had that quote on the lid. It really helped me at the time and I keep the box on my desk in my room.

Maddie Z. '18, Graphics Editor

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