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Stella W. ’19
Stella White is a senior at Padua Academy. Born in Delaware, with a wonderful British accent, Stella has spent a lot of her life growing up in England.

She is an only child but has a beautiful standard poodle, who is just like a sister to her. Stella’s mom is American and her dad is English. She went to NCCL for her elementary and middle school.

Due to her parents’ jobs, Stella has been to 37 different countries! Her parents are professors and researchers and she always goes with them on their travels. Stella would like to go to South America and Mongolia.

Here at Padua, Stella is taking 3 AP classes. Her favorite subject is history. Stella wants to go to England for college and would major in history and international relations. “I love learning about the world and hearing people’s stories,” she says.

Stella W. '19, Editor-in-Chief

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