Missing Malaysian Airline Search Ending

Malaysian airline flight 370 taking off

Photographed in 2011 by https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malaysia_Airlines_Flight_370

Malaysian airline flight 370 taking off

Niki D. '20, Writer

The Malaysian Airline flight 370 has been a mystery to all. After nearly three years of searching for Flight 370, on Tuesday, January, 17 the underwater search for the Malaysian Airline Flight has been called off. “Today the last search vessel has left the underwater search area.” says the Chinese and Malaysian government, the two governments involved in the underwater sea search.

On March 8, 2014,  Flight 370 was on its way to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur when the plane mysteriously vanished. Investigators say that the plane swerved off the course and flew south. There were more than 150 people from China, and 38 from Malaysia aboard the flight. Other passengers were from Indonesia, Australia, France, New Zealand, and Ukraine.

Throughout the search for the Malaysian Airline, conspiracy theories have arisen. Some think the the pilot of Flight 370 might have seized a premeditated suicidal flight. Some even think that the plane was hijacked by terrorists. There has also been a few clues to where the aircraft could have crashed, like the finding of debris of the plane traced in Tanzania.

After the search was called off, families of the victims believe that the search should have continued. Ghislain Wattrelos, a 52 year old man whose wife was a flight attendant says “It is obvious that the search should be to the north.”  Some families feel betrayed like K.S. Narendran, 53, a business consultant, whose wife was also aboard the flight, “It feels like feels like betrayal as there has been repeated commitments to find out what happened.” says K.S Narendran.