Checkup on the First Month of the Decade


Maddie Macknis

School work starts to “pile up” as the second semester approaches.

The first month of the new decade is almost over. 1/12 of the year is already coming to a close. How has the decade gone for the students and teachers so far?

After winter break was over, there were only a couple of weeks left of the first semester. Final assignments, tests, and quizzes were handed out as students prepared to switch from one semester to the next.

“It’s tougher than I expected,” said freshman Katie Duppel referring to the first semester. “I am going to try and study more for the second semester.”

As far as the first semester went, Rebecca Manelski believes that “…We had a very positive and focused first semester. I was very impressed by the many different and valuable experiences our students had. I have heard students express excitement about what they are now able to do.”

Manelski offered some advice for students coming into the second semester. “Read the material the night before the teacher presents it. Be actively involved in the class. Take good notes. Do your homework for each day. Go to your teacher for clarification when something isn’t clear. Re-teach the material to yourself each night. Review a bit every day. Break projects down into little steps over days or weeks. When you study for tests, practice getting the information out of your brain.”

As long as students are focused and determined to accomplish their work, this second semester should be easy breezy! Take everything one day at a time.

Manelski says that “Padua is like a loaf of bread. If you take just one slice, today’s slice, and do all you can to learn today’s work today, you will succeed.”