New Career, New Opportunity


Over the 2011-2012 school year, Padua Academy welcomes many new additions to our teaching staff. Mrs. Wise is one of the many new teachers Padua Academy was so lucky to acquire. Mrs. Wise was born in Delaware and attended Saint Mary Magdalene for grade school and Archmere Academy for High School. After graduation Mrs. Wise went to school at University of Delaware.  Her favorite subject when she was in school was Biology, and now she teaches Anatomy and Physiology along with Human Ecology.

Before Mrs. Wise decided to become a teacher, she had many professions. After receiving her PHD in molecular and human genetics, Mrs. Wise did academic research for three years. After that she became a personal trainer. For the past ten years, Mrs. Wise worked in medical advisement and the pharmaceutical industry on chemical research. When asked why she decided to become a teacher, Mrs. Wise said, “I was looking for a change. Then somebody showed me the Padua Newsletter that advertised an opening for a science position, and Mrs. Mann and Administration gave me a wonderful opportunity.”

When asked to compare working at Padua with her previous occupations, Mrs. Wise responded:  “I love being at Padua. This is so much more fun, and it makes it worthwhile to watch you guys learn. My other jobs had a very different focus that was more for the good of the company and less about individuals, like it is here teaching.”   Mrs. Wise said a few of her favorite things about Padua are laughing every day, the positive and supportive environment, and finding her love for science again. She also said Padua has met all of her expectations and more.   Padua is lucky to have such a great teacher, and we hope to see Mrs. Wise around for years to come.