Abigail C. '21

All of the dishes I've made over the past week of social distancing.

Coping With Coronavirus Through Cooking

The coronavirus is scary. How have I decided to cope with it? Cooking. A whole lot of cooking.

I have always been a stress-baker. In times of stress or uncertainty, I often cook something. As an actor, I have been known to show up to tech rehearsals with a plate of brownies. Before a big test, I may decide to bake a cake. So, during the biggest uncertainty I have ever faced in my life, it only makes sense for me to cook.

When I cook, I don’t just make something from a box. Nope; I like to bake from scratch whenever possible. So, when shopping for social isolation, I had my parents stock up on butter, flour, and sugar. And, thank goodness I did. Because I’ve been cranking out dishes like there’s no tomorrow.

Abigail C. ’21
All of the dishes I’ve made over the first week of social distancing.

As shown above, I’ve made many dishes since I began social distancing. I baked banana bread, butter cookies (cookies made using a special rolling pin to give them texture), coffee cake, and grasshopper pie (mini pie with Oreo crust and mint filling). I also cooked gnocchi (a special type of pasta), Red Lobster biscuits (biscuits with cheddar cheese and garlic butter), and chicken pot pie.

Making all of these dishes has helped restore a sense of normalcy to my life. As I cook, I feel calm and in control, which I don’t feel very often during this time of uncertainty. Cooking also makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something every day. Plus, eating good home-cooked food makes me feel like things are going to get better. Because, how can I be scared when eating homemade pasta?

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