Spring Break in Quarantine

I have always been super excited for spring break. It’s so fun to get off school and hangout with friends and travel. This year was different. Instead of getting to hang out with friends I got to Facetime them. Instead of traveling I got to watch tv shows about traveling. I spent my whole spring break in quarantine. 

During my spring break I had a routine. I would wake up late, eat food, talk to my family, watch netflix, then eat more and go back to bed. Sometimes I go for walks with my family. There isn’t much we can do. I wanted to hang out with all my friends that I had met this year but I couldn’t. I Facetime my friends everyday. During break I found myself wanting to go back to school, which is very weird. I never thought I would say that before. 

 I also spent Easter inside my house. We didn’t even go to church because they were all closed. We had to livestream church through Facebook. We had our normal easter egg hunt but we always have dinner at my house. I have a big family so instead of having the usual 15 people over, my family only had me, my two brothers, and my parents.  

My whole family is getting antsy during quarantine. We are all ready to finally leave the house. SInce we are always with each other we argue a lot more. It’s not even stuff that we really need to argue about. I recently became an Aunt and I haven’t been able to see my nephew in over a month. My sister Facetimes me to show me him and he has already gotten so much bigger. My mom is really sad she’s missing out on her first grandchild. 

I cannot wait for quarantine to be over. I don’t like being stuck inside anymore and I really don’t like having a good routine. I actually miss going to school every morning. I miss all my friends and teachers. Hopefully this will all be over soon.

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