Padua's Dance Team performs during a spirit assembly.

Dance Team

Padua Academy offers multiple sports teams including volleyball, field hockey, and dance team. Including all grades, dance team has competed in competitions in Disney world to right here in Delaware. Kayleen I. ‘18 reflects on her journey to joining PDT by saying  “My mom enrolled me in ballet when I was four years old, and as time passed, I was exposed to various styles, like jazz, lyrical, and tap. Yet, never in my life would I envision myself taking on fast-paced and intense hip-hop choreography!”. Kayleen has been on Padua’s Dance Team since freshman year and says “The sport relieves me from the stress and anxiety that I sometimes face throughout the school day, and I know that I can always rely on my teammates and coaches because they are practically my second family”. Padua’s team performs routines during home volleyball games, spirit assemblies, and pep rallies. Kayleen says “From the minute that we receive new choreography to putting on makeup the hour before, I believe that those moments are what strengthen our bond as sisters, and that’s what makes the team so unique”.

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