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Behind the Lens at the Philly Zoo: Photographer Profile

April 17, 2018

Kyla Ann.

Kyla Ann.

Kyla Ann.

Kyla Ann isn’t your ordinary zoo employee. Snapping pictures at the entrance of the Philadelphia Zoo, she sees everyone that comes and goes on a daily basis. A freelance artist, animal lover, and an avid salesperson, Kyla Ann enjoys the opportunities her job gives her. “I have a long history of being in art in general,” she says. “When I saw the zoo opportunity, I thought, I want to do that.”

She predominantly photographs families and school groups, but sees a range of people coming and going from a day out at the zoo. Even on a weekday, it seems that the flow of groups is never-ending. She snaps a photo, and the subjects receive a ticket which can be exchanged for a copy of their photo at the exit. She also can be found running the photobooth at the entrance of the zoo, allowing her to interact with more people and produce more sales. Some days, Kyla Ann is allowed to leave work early, giving her time to explore the zoo and photograph the animals, the perfect hobby for a lover of animals.

Outside of zoo life, Kyla Ann is working on a t-shirt business. As a recent graduate of New England college, prospects are looking bright. She double majored in media arts and fine arts. She combined her passion for art and design with her love for animals; saying, “I’m working on my own T-shirt business for endangered species.”

Kyla Ann is proof that there are a range of jobs for artists, animal lovers, and activists. If you would like to get involved in Philadelphia Zoo’s programs and charity, visit the following links:

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