Hannah’s Daily Routine

March 23rd, 2020

As the coronavirus is now spreading more rapidly, it’s highly suggested to stay in your house more. Therefore,  my routine has changed and things have started to become out of order.

For me I have started waking up very late, unless I have online school. If we have online school I wake up, do my work, then go throughout my day normally. Such as eating dinner and relaxing afterwards.  But on the days where I don’t have school, my schedule has become pretty bland and irregular.  

First, I normally wake up around 11 (very late I know) as I like to go to bed really late now.

Once I’m actually out of bed I’ll go downstairs to take out my puppy who needs lots of attention from my family and I, then usually I’ll eat something.

Normally I don’t like to eat breakfast, but around this time is lunch so I’ll eat a bar or make myself a smoothie because now I have all the time in the world too make myself something.

Once I’ve eaten, you’d think I’ll get dressed, but normally I like to stay in my pajamas for the whole day which is normally just sweatpants and a sweatshirt.

After I’ve gone back upstairs usually, I watch Netflix, go on Tik Tok, or call one of my friends for a little.

After that point usually I’m pretty bored, so I’ll go outside and play with my dog, or just annoy my parents.

Now it’s probably around dinnertime so me and my family will eat dinner together and maybe watch a show right after, such as AFV or a baking show.

Normally I get bored after one episode, so I’ll go upstairs to shower and pretty much just relax till one of my friends calls me for a second time.

I’m usually on the phone for hours talking to my friends since I can’t see them in person anymore (usually 7pm till 2 in the morning)

Once me and my friend are tired we’ll hang up and I’ll get ready for bed, such as brushing my teeth etc.)

 I’ll probably be asleep by 3am because I’ll lay in bed on my phone for another hour or so.

Then I’ll wake up at 11 once again because of me going to bed at a not good time.

As you see, my schedule really isn’t the best right now, but overall it’s pretty nice going to bed whenever I want!

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