The water shelves at my local Walmart were empty when I stopped there. Panic-buying has often occurred as a result of the Coronavirus, as widespread fear drives people to bulk shop.

Mary Musa – 3/30

It’s Week 3 of self-quarantine, and not many things have changed. I’ve gotten more accustomed to having online classes, even though it’s still hard to wake up early during what feels like a long break. However, I feel like my workload has grown in some classes, and it’s still hard to find the motivation to do the work.

I think self-quarantine has made me appreciate school a little more. After all, it’s hard to find the motivation to finish your homework and study when you’re at home all day. And it’s boring not being able to see my friends and classmates and interact with other people from school in person.

Nonetheless, I find myself doing my work anyway, even if it’s last minute. I’m not sure what is motivating me, but it’s probably the online submission deadline or the resulting panic of having turned in a late assignment.

Almost everyday feels the same. I wake up just in time for homeroom, I go to my first two classes (if there is a Google Meet session for them), and I eat my breakfast during the forty minute break. After my last two classes, there’s the constant struggle of whether I should complete my work or spend the rest of the day fighting my boredom by watching TV, going on TikTok, texting, or playing on my phone.

I never thought that I would miss being in school, and yet I find myself missing it anyway. All I can hope is that the Coronavirus cases will subside, that more people recover, that those working in the medical field are safe (like my mom, who is a nurse), and that life will soon go back to normal.

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