Week 2 Wrap Up

As week 2 of quarantine wraps up, I’ve started to develop a daily routine for my days. I wake up, go to school, workout, read or do something outside, and then relax with my family or watch some Netflix at night. I do admit though, it has been much more difficult to stay motivated for school. Now that I am at home, it is so easy for me to disregard my work. It is much easier when I have that push while I am in the physical school building with my peers and teachers.

As for the weekends, my friends and I have been attempting to do “Zoom” parties, where we all can chat and play games. We have all been very upset that we can’t hang out in person, and this is as close as we can get with social distancing. I’ve found it so fun and entertaining to hang out with them virtually (thank God for modern day technology)! 

One interesting thing about these past few weeks that I would like to note is the grocery store runs. My family has it down to a science. You have to get to the store early in the morning in order to shop with stocked shelves. The most interesting things I have found to be sold out whenever we went to the store were toilet paper, biscuits, pool chlorine, and chicken. Looks like next time there is an apocalypse I’m running to the store to throw some elbows for those items.

And finally, I’ve found that the most difficult thing about these past few weeks is dealing with the uncertainty of the future. On Tuesday March 24th, Padua announced that school will be closed until May 18th (as of right now). Also on Tuesday, Firefly got cancelled. Everything was starting to hit me all at once. I felt so overwhelmed- prom, graduation, white dress day, senior week- what if it’s all over? The news changes every single day, so I really don’t know what the future will hold. All I know is that this situation is what I make of it. And even with uncertainty and fear, I think everyone needs to stay looking on the brighter side of things.

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