2020: The Longest Week Ever

2020 felt like one extra long week. At the start of quarantine we were all excited for the change of pace, or a “break” from our busy lives for two weeks. Little did we know that that “break” is kind of still going.

There were some positive aspects of quarantine. My family and I finally got to watch shows like “Schitts Creek”, “The Umbrella Academy”, “The Crown”, and much more. Tik Tok was a huge part of my quarantine. I learned some pretty difficult dances and got some really cool recipes to make and eat with my family. At the time these things did not feel like positives, but now I am grateful that I had something to do during that time.

Along with the positives, there were negatives, too. My birthday is March 31st, so my Sweet 16 was just over two weeks into quarantine. Most people go get their licenses on their birthday, but I didn’t get mine until August 31st because my driving hours with an instructor were cut in half due to quarantine.

Another negative was having to stop dancing completely for five months. It was very hard to stay motivated and take classes from my house so I took a break. I am so grateful for this break because I had been dancing year-round for nine years and I was starting to treat it like clock work. The break allowed me to re-evaluate my love for dance and to get back to the dancer I was pre-quarantine, and to strive to be the best dancer I can be.

In January 2021 I actually got COVID-19. This was a shock for me because I did not know anyone personally affected by the virus. Having COVID felt like I had the cheese touch. I had to quarantine in my room for 14 days until I tested negative. The only thing I “got” from the virus was the loss of smell. That I still have yet to get back.

This past year has made me appreciate everything a little more. I am excited to see what comes in the next year and hopefully we can get some normal back into our lives!

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