A Year in the Life of COVID-19

Through this year I have realized the importance of human connection, whether it be seeing others in person or just on Facetime. I hope to bring from this more appreciation that the COVID virus has only affected our schedule and lifestyle so far, and that all of our loved ones are safe and healthy. However, I have come to the conclusion that just wandering around inside of your house, when it is only you and your mom, is not sufficient socialization. This is not how I pictured my freshman year going. 

Right before quarantine began, my dad came back to Delaware from New York City where he normally lives and started renting an apartment in Wilmington. After the first few months of quarantine I was able to see him outside more regularly, which was a nice change from normal. 

I took the time to pick up and enhance a few hobbies, such as cooking, baking, and drawing. My mom and I decided to make a cake for every possible occasion to fill up some of the time. I also rewatched more Netflix shows than I would care to admit. 

Last spring, my previous school participated in online school with three or four virtual classes everyday, which for me was beneficial to keep me on track with my assignments. The only unfortunate part of online classes was that the WIFI access in my house was seemingly non-existent. But, there is a solution for almost everything, so I went into my basement and sat directly under the router. I attempted to explain my situation when one of my teachers at the time prompted me with, “Why is someone using a microwave in my class?” after our furnace started to make noise. 

During the summer I continued to prepare to start high school, went on almost daily family walks, turned fifteen, and took a few bike rides. In the beginning of September I started at Padua. The first several weeks of school flew by. Around Thanksgiving we got a call from my dad saying that he had tested positive for COVID-19; thankfully, my dad was almost asymptomatic and he didn’t pass it on to anyone else. 

  Christmas this year was different but as good as any other Christmas. My family decided to set up tents outside so our extended family could spend Christmas Eve together, and this year we added a white elephant gift exchange. 

Unconventional doesn’t even begin to describe this past year. It has been an experience that I will never forget, and I hope to learn from it and become better for it. Through this whole experience I have learned a lot about myself and the people around me, and I hope it helps me grow as a person.

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