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Coronavirus has been an insane experience for everybody. At first, I had a hard time missing school, not seeing any friends, and not being allowed to be closer than six feet apart from someone. I had to find things to keep me occupied throughout the year, so here are a few things I’ve done during my covid experience.

First, I began working out. Covid truly started to make me acknowledge the need to focus on myself and take care of my body. It is vital to stay healthy, and self love should always be my first priority. I started doing workout routines, waking up at 6am to do morning runs then by 4:30pm I start on some at home exercises. It was very eye-opening, and I learned a lot about health that I did not know before.

Second, I started gaining new friends and relationships, and strengthening my old ones. I downloaded social media apps to stay in contact with my friends because, since COVID, it was harder to stay in contact with them. I initially joined Snapchat and then afterwards Tik Tok. It was so fun reconnecting with people from my past and it showed how significant friendships are in everyday life.

Third, I started becoming more responsible with my homework. Instead of waiting one day before it’s due and rushing to complete my work, I began getting my homework done beforehand. Although eighth grade was hard because we had so many things taken away from us, for example, our formal/dance, the end of year field trip in Washington DC, and a real graduation, I was able to stay focused on my studies..

Fourth, I started eating healthier. Rather than eating everything I wanted to, I began reading labels and checking what’s in my food. I was becoming more responsible with my health choices, ensuring I had enough calories throughout the day and drinking more water. I made sure I drank the recommended 7-8 cups of water a day.

Finally, I started to get more into makeup, watching tutorials on YouTube and practicing at home. I have even gotten pretty decent at it and feel way more confident in my skills. I also started to do self care, like buying face masks, or bubbles for bubble baths. I learned that it is very important to take care of yourself.

Coronavirus was such a crazy experience that meddled with everyone’s schedule, however it sure changed me a lot. Good and bad things happened to me as a result of Corona. With more free time on my hands, it allowed me to do things I always wanted to do but never had the time. Although, it had some  negatives like missing my friends, vacation, and my school dance. Overall, we all sacrificed a lot because of coronavirus, but it has influenced us all.

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