Photograph from Pexels.

An Overview of Current World Leaders

The news is filled with political leaders such as Trump, May, Merkel, Putin, and many more. Do you know who these people are and what their leaderships have entailed? This brief overview of some of the most powerful current world leaders will help you to get a basic understanding of who is in charge. Many adolescents and even adults are not in tune to the political climate of the world today, and understanding who leads it is a vital step to understanding the news in a broader sense. “I like to keep myself knowledgeable about the world around me,” says junior Zehra Mahmud. “A lot of my friends don’t keep up with international news much or at all. America has a serious problem with a lack of awareness in foreign affairs, or even just simple facts about another country.”


Donald Trump (United States of America)
Theresa May (United Kingdom)
Angela Merkel (Germany)
Vladimir Putin (Russia)
Emmanuel Macron (France)
Xi Jinping (China)
Pope Francis (Catholic Church)
Benjamin Netanyahu (Israel)
Narendra Modi (India)
Shinzō Abe (Japan)
Kim Jong-un (North Korea)
Justin Trudeau (Canada)

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