Alex Hilferty

Alex Hilferty travels to Nashville with her family. She is very outgoing and loves to watch the stars.


How do you contrast from your sisters? 

“I’d say I’m very outgoing and bubbly and I take things to the next level with loudness, and I’m very passionate about many things, and at the same time I’m very anxious.”

What school did you go to previously?

“I went to Immaculate Heart of Mary.”

Are you identical?

“Tory and I are identical and Meri is fraternal.” 

Would you say you and your sisters spend a lot of time together?

 “I think we do but if you’re talking about quality time I’ve been trying to spend more quality time because [our time together],  it’s precious and short . If one of them is like ‘Do you want to do that?’ I will say ‘yes’ when I might not have.”

Do you feel that it would be easier being a twin than a triplet, and why?

 “I think it would be easier but I don’t know any different, but it’s cool being a triplet.”

Do you feel like it is difficult to go to the same school as your sisters?

“I’ve always gone to school with Meri but it’s really nice because we always have someone. But at other times, it’s like, ‘Eh, I have my own friends.’ … [At] IHM with Meri… it was so weird and way more stressful and it’s much better [at Padua] with all three of us.”

Do you guys share a room?

“We’re getting it redone and it’s literally my room. It’s all of my stuff on the walls but Tory just sleeps there.”

What would you do if you found out you were having triplets, and why?

“I’d be like ‘No, no thank you’. I can’t take care of myself, plus three [others].”

How much do you guys get confused with each other by teachers or friends?

 “Well, at IHM I don’t remember so not often. Adults maybe, but we don’t really look alike.”

How far apart in age are you? 

 “Tory and I are the same and Meri is two minutes later.”

How did your family react when they found out there we’re going to be three of you?

“I don’t know.”

Who is the most outgoing?

“Me, hands down! That’s not even a question if you know me, that’s like asking who’s the president of the United States.” 

Do you feel like you all play different roles or are you somewhat similar?

“Everyone calls me like the “leader and I guess I would say Meri keeps us straight.”

How did you get your name?

“My mom wanted to name me Caroline and then didn’t really like that. My dad liked Alexandra, too.”

What set you guys apart growing up, and how?

“We were all very similar but I was the one who got in trouble.”

Is there one person who always makes executive decisions?


Do you all have the same friend group or different ones?

“Well, here’s the thing Tory says: I steal friends from her at IHM, but at Padua we kind of do but that’s really annoying. It’s getting a little mixed up right now but I think it’s going to stay the same in the end.”

Do you hang out and do things together at home or stay by yourself?

“Meri hates when I’m in her room but I love her room, but sometimes I’m with Tory.”

How did your parents tell you apart when you were young?

“Meri was bald and Tory was always sick so I think it was kind of easy.”

What is fun about being a triplet that you don’t think that you would have had otherwise?

“I’m a triplet. I hate the attention but it’s like I’m a celebrity with old people.”

Do you share things with your sisters?

“No, I steal them, not as much Meri’s stuff but shirts and things like that.”

How did your parents adapt to having three kids at once?

“There were so many people that came to our house to help them so I think it’s the help they got, I would say.”

Are you guys planning on going to the same college?

“I’m not planning on it. I don’t think it would be good for us.”

 What advice would you give to someone who is either raising triplets or found out they were having triplets?

 “If I was a parent, I would say just be patient and you need to work hard and just have people in your life that’ll help you out.”

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