Meri Hilferty

Meri Hilferty poses with her mom. She is the only fraternal triplet out of the three.


How do you contrast from your sisters?

“I’m very different. They like one type of music. I like the opposite.”

Are you identical? 

“Tory and Alex are identical and I’m fraternal.”

What school did you go to previously?


Would you say you and your sisters spend a lot of time together?

“Yes, they are always in my bedroom so yes.”

Do you feel that it would be easier being a twin than a triplet, and why?

“Probably not because there’s still somebody else. There’s two of them so it’s annoying but yeah I feel like it would still be the same experience.”

Do you feel like it is difficult to go to the same school as your sisters?

“Yeah, it’s really hard and we’re both in the same classes, but it’s nice to have other people [I know there].”

What would you do if you found out you were having triplets, and why? 

“I probably wouldn’t be surprised because of genetics. I don’t know it would be fun.”

How much do you guys get confused with each other by teachers or friends?

 “Teachers still mess that up, a teacher did that today.”

Do you know any other sets of triplets? 


How did your family react when they found out there we’re going to be three of you?

“We were born prematurely at like 26 weeks so we had to stay in the hospital so that was stressful and scary.”

Who is the most outgoing?

“Alex is the most outgoing. I am the quietest. I don’t like other people. I like to be by myself.”

Do you feel like you all play different roles or are you somewhat similar?

“Alex is the most outgoing; Tory is interesting and bossy. They both team up. I would say we’re all pretty different but there are some similarities.”

How did you get your names?

“I think my mom just liked it. The Meri Rose was from my grandmother.”

What set you guys apart growing up, and how?

“I have no clue.”

Is there one person who always makes executive decisions?

“They normally listen to me. They listen to me but not really.”

Do you all have the same friend group or different ones?

“Sadly the same.”

Do you hang out and do things together at home or stay by yourself?

“If I go to a friend’s house then Alex will go with me which is kind of annoying.”

How did your parents tell you apart when you were young?

“I think it was easy.”

What is fun about being a triplet that you don’t think that you would have had otherwise?

“Probably always having someone to do stuff with. I like being alone but sometimes I like having other people.”

Do you share things with your sisters?

“Yes, if I give them something like a blanket but they don’t put it back so I’m not a fan of that, but I take stuff from them but I put it back.”

How did your parents adapt to having three kids at once?

“I think as we got older it just got easier because they had people to help them.”

Are you guys planning on going to the same college?

“Probably not. I don’t think we’ll end up going to the same college which is nice.”

If you could give advice to a family either having triplets or raising them what would you tell them?

“Take your time and make sure you have people there to help that you know what you’re doing.”

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