Tory Hilferty

Tory Hilferty poses by mural in Nashville Tennessee. Another fun fact about her is that she loves sushi.


How do you contrast from your sisters?

“I don’t look like them. I’m totally different from them, I’m outgoing and some of them are not.”

Are you identical?

“Alex and I are identical and Meri is fraternal.”

What school did you go to previously?

“I went to Pilot.”

Would you say you and your sisters spend a lot of time together?


Do you feel that it would be easier being a twin than a triplet, and why?

“No, because I’m already a twin, and… I don’t think so. It would just be the same.”

Do you feel like it is difficult to go to the same school as your sisters?

“One hundred percent yes, sometimes [but] not always.”

Do you guys share a room?

“Me and Alex share a room and Meri has her own room.”

What would you do if you found out you were having triplets, and why?

“I think I would have the same reaction as my mom and be shocked but I wouldn’t be that surprised because my family is prone to twins and triplets.”

How much do you guys get confused with each other by teachers or friends?

“I don’t think so. Maybe once.” 

Do you know any other sets of triplets? 

“I did, and I was at a doctor’s appointment and one of the technicians was a triplet.”

How did your family react when they found out there we’re going to be three of you?

“My family was excited.”

Who is the most outgoing?

“I would say me, maybe Alex.”

Do you feel like you all play different roles or are you somewhat similar?

“We’re very similar. I don’t really think that there is any difference between us.”

How did you get your names?

“From a handbag. [My mom] has a Tory Burch bag and she always liked the name and then the bag came along.”

What set you guys apart growing up, and how?

“Alex played sports and Meri and I didn’t and I was quieter, and we went to different schools.”

Is there one person who always makes executive decisions?


Do you all have the same friend group or different ones?

“Alex and Meri went to the same school and I went to a different school so we didn’t used to, but now with Padua we do.”

Do you hang out and do things together at home or stay by yourself?

“Sometimes Meri will ask me to and I don’t want to and I’m just like, ‘No.'”

How did your parents tell you apart when you were young?

“I guess we had name tags or something!”

What is fun about being a triplet that you don’t think that you would have had otherwise?

“I don’t know, I guess the experiences we have and the people we know.”

Do you share things with your sisters?

“Yeah, not always.”

How did your parents adapt to having three kids at once?

“They just kind of dove into it and said, ‘This is what we have to do,’ and we had so much support from neighbors and family.”

Are you guys planning on going to the same college?

“Maybe not.”

What advice would you give to parents either raising triplets or who just found out they were going to have triplets?

“Don’t be overwhelmed and just go with the flow and don’t give up.”

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