Esosa Ediae

Esosa Ediae

How did you react to the announcement of you being valedictorian?

I was definitely very excited. They asked us in our home rooms to come down to the main office with all of our belongings. When I went I started to see Emily and Katie so I thought there was some sort of opportunity. We go into the room and she tells us that we were all valedictorians, I wasn’t shocked. I was really happy that it was those four people because we all deserved it.

How many AP and honors classes did you take?

If there was an opportunity to take an honors class, I would have taken it. I have also taken seven AP classes.

Who was your biggest motivator through high school?

I would say my parents. From a young age it has been my belief that working hard and learning are very important life skills. College was also a big motivator for me because it will help put me further in life.

What was your biggest obstacle on your way to being where you are today?

I would say perfectionism and letting stress get to me. I was a huge perfectionist, I was not sleeping at all, I was really stressed out and it was not healthy at all. I think overcoming that obstacle and just letting go of all that stress and not worrying about the next day and the next day and the next day.

What are your plans for the future?

I want to end up being a doctor and specifically reconstructive surgery. The surgery would be for kids, especially people with defects, injuries, and trauma. I would love to work in underdeveloped countries to help people in need.

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