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Sophia M. '25, Reporter

Sophia Mattei is a freshman this year at Padua Academy. Her favorite part about Padua so far is the sisterhood and close bond between the students.

“On the first day as [I] was walking in, when the seniors were standing outside with their signs, it felt like home,” she said.

She was born on April 15th in Wilmington, Delaware. Sophia has already gotten involved within the Padua community. She is on the freshman volleyball team and plans to try out for the swim and softball teams. 

“It’s really fun but lots of hard work,” Sophia said. “However, I know it will all pay off.” 

Sophia is an only child but owns a dog named Frankie and a fish named Cookie. For grade school, Sophia attended St. Mary Magdalen. 

“St. Mary Magdalen prepared me for Padua by giving me a foundational Catholic education,” Sophia said.

Sophia’s hobbies include skiing with her mom, four-wheeling, and camping with her family. 

“I love the thrill it [four-wheeling] brings,” she said. 

Sophia loves crabs and spaghetti that her grandfather makes and the television show “The Office” because the character Dwight is hilarious and the humor brightens her day, she said. 

Sophia also enjoys history, where she especially takes interest in learning about the Holocaust and how the world has evolved. 

Sophia’s favorite place she has traveled to is Hawaii, and she liked surfing there. 

“The water was so clear and the atmosphere was so peaceful and soothing,” she said. 

Sophia said she is very excited to be taking the journalism class so that she can enhance her writing skills and learn more about the people and events around her.

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