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The cover for Jonah Hills mid90s film

Friendship in the “Mid90s”

Caitie B '19, Reporter April 22, 2023

Upon first glance, "Mid90s" may seem like a typical skater movie: the one where the teens are arrogant, always striving to look cool. However, when you dive a little deeper you will discover the coming...

Ryan Reynolds and Walker Scobell both play Adam in The Adam Project. The movie came out on Netflix on March 11.

Walker Scobell Skyrockets Career in “The Adam Project”

Jane M. '23, Reporter May 3, 2022

Imagine an injured man walks into your father’s garage that no one has gone into since your father died two years ago. Then you find out this injured man is you but from 30 years in the future and both...

Sandra Oh and Rosalie Chiang star in Turning Red. It was released on February 21.

Turn on Disney+ to “Turning Red”

Jane M. '23, Reporter April 1, 2022

Pixar movies always seem to touch some part of you when watching, and while watching “Turning Red,” I was able to be touched through both the laughs and sadness the movie provided. This film shows...

Tall Girl 2 was released to Netflix on February 11. After watching the first one I would have never thought they could make a second one.

“Tall Girl 2” Fell Short of My Expectations

Madison M. '25, Reporter March 15, 2022

Before I watched "Tall Girl 2," I did not have high hopes. After watching the first movie, I did not think they could possibly make another one considering how bad it was. Six-foot-tall Jody has to deal...

Bono, Halsey, Scarlett Johansson, and star in Sing 2. It was released in December of 2021.

“Sing 2”: A Soundtrack to Remember

Claire M. '23, Reporter March 7, 2022

Walking into the theater with friends, I could feel the excitement in the air as we were waiting to hear the new soundtrack of “Sing 2.” I can proudly say that this soundtrack did not disappoint. I...

Ansel Elgort and Rachel Zegler staring in West Side Story. Spielbergs take on the 1961 classic was released on December 10th, 2021.

“West Side Story”: The Remake of the Year

Sophia M. '25, Reporter February 2, 2022

When I went to the movie theater to first see “West Side Story,” I had no idea what I was in for. The first scene started with a bang and I was immediately hooked. At the end of the movie I was a wreck....

The Peach Blossom Eatery’s bright front window stands out from the street. The restaurant is located at 76 E. Main St. in Newark.

The Peach Blossom Eatery is “Just Peachy”

Maggie P. '22, Reporter January 27, 2022

The Peach Blossom Eatery encapsulates its name beautifully, providing both a peachy atmosphere, plentiful menu, and a prospect of blossoming into the most popular brunch destination for locals of Newark....

Encanto came to cinemas on November 24, and it hit Disney+ on Christmas Eve.

“Encanto”: Too Much Music for a Musical

Madison M. '25, Reporter January 21, 2022

When I heard about the release of “Encanto,” I figured it would be just like “Coco.” That movie was Disney's first Latino musical, released in November 2021. This movie is filled with animations...

Ed Helms, Jack Dylan Grazer, and Thomas Barbusca star in Rons Gone Wrong. It was released in October 2021.

There’s Nothing Wrong with “Ron’s Gone Wrong”

Claire M. '23, Reporter January 18, 2022

I started watching a movie on my couch, by myself, with my popcorn and before I knew it, my sister came down for some extra popcorn and was glued to the T.V. I went in thinking that “Ron’s Gone Wrong”...

Based on a true story, House of Gucci features Lady Gaga and Adam Driver in lead roles. The film hit theaters in November 2021.

All-star Cast Thrills in “House of Gucci”

Emily M. '22, Editor-in-chief January 10, 2022

Upscale fashion, romance, wealth, murder, Italy—sounds like the perfect storm for a blockbuster film. Based on the scandalous true story, “House of Gucci” recounts the events that shook the fashion...

Archie Yates plays Max Mercer in the new Home Sweet Home Alone movie on Disney Plus. The film was released on November 12.

“Home Sweet Home Alone”: Trying to Remake a Classic

Jane M. '23, Reporter December 24, 2021

Think back to “Home Alone” with the adorable, innocent, eight-year-old Macaulay Culkin. Remember the joy and laughter when watching that movie. When I heard Disney remade the film, I had high hopes...

Taylor Swift poses on the album cover for Red (Taylors Version).

Taylor Swift Takes Back “Red,” or Does She?

Paisley D. '25, Reporter December 20, 2021

The first song Taylor Swift song I heard was “You Belong With Me.” I had heard that song when I was eight, and ever since then I have stuck by Swift's side in every album she wrote. Then I saw she...

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