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From left, Padua freshman Lauren Perry, Salesianum senior Carmen Rafalli, and Ursuline seniors Amina Hsi and Briarra Barnes rehearse a scene before opening night. They performed outside and masked to follow pandemic restrictions.

Salesianum Revives In-person Theater for Spring Musical

Emily M. '22 June 9, 2021

Masked and mic’d, actors at Salesianum School Theater (SST) recently stepped onto the stage in front of a live audience for the first time since the pandemic began. Although in a new setting outdoors,...

Mrs. Hudson works at her desk in the Learning Commons. As the Library Media Specialist, she said she enjoys reading and understands its importance.

Reflecting on the Benefits of Reading

Mame N. '24 June 4, 2021

Reading can be a powerful tool to expand one's mind and journey into the world of the unknown. Ten freshmen were asked how  many books they read a year at Padua. Five said five to 10, three said 11 to...

Some of the protocols that the Editor's Guild, the union that Garcia and Duran are a part of, put in place to keep the cast and crew on production sets safe.

Producing Movies During a Pandemic

Emily H. '23, Reporter May 13, 2021

The pandemic has taken a toll on almost every industry. But there was one industry that was hit especially hard: the film industry. Eduardo Garcia is a film producer in Los Angeles. He was inspired to...

“Tenet” Proves Strange but Spectacular

Emily M. '22 March 11, 2021

Mind-bending, action-packed, and shocking, “Tenet” offered viewers a chance to return to the theaters for another masterpiece from director Christopher Nolan. Terrific acting coupled with meticulous...

An Analysis on Zeros by Declan McKenna

An Analysis on Zeros by Declan McKenna

Sam K. '24, Reporter March 4, 2021

Declan McKenna’s “Zeros” is an entrancing and majestic album evoking the future as well as the past. “Zeros” perfectly encapsulates 70s glam rock, but also has a taste of modern pop. It is reminiscent...

Review on Wonder

Caitlyn F. '24, Reporter March 3, 2021

Wonder is a wholesome film that follows a 10 year old boy named Auggie, played by Jacob Tremblay. This heartstopping story involves a lot of drama, suspicion, and intensity. “Wonder” brings out so...

Aladdin 2019: The Magic of Love and Friendship

Tiara N. '23 February 28, 2021

A live action remake of an extraordinary Disney classic with incredible cast members brought “Aladdin” back to life in 2019. With a creative spin on the plot of the story, the talented cast and directors...

“WandaVision”: A Blast From the Past. Or Is It?

Sarah W. '22 February 25, 2021

Wanda Maximoff and Vision are getting a taste of suburban bliss in a town called Westview, New Jersey, three weeks after “Avengers Endgame” took place. “WandaVision” is a great series if you are...

Music Review: BTS Black Swan

Meghan F. '21, Reporter February 22, 2021

Many involved in the arts know the fear of losing their passion- it nestles deep inside an artist’s heart. The dreadful day when they pick up an instrument or a paint brush and no longer feel the creativity...

Jagged Little Pill: The Definition of 90s Music

Emily H. '23, Reporter February 20, 2021

Canadian-American singer-songwriter Alanis Morrissette released her album Jagged Little Pill on June 13, 1995. It reached number one on the charts in multiple countries, and even became the soundtrack...

Exploring Fame Through “Layers of Me” by NikkieTutorials

Abigail C. '21, Editor-In-Chief February 18, 2021

What is it really like to be famous? This is the question explored in the “Layers of Me” docuseries by Nikkie de Jager, a Dutch makeup guru better known as NikkieTutorials. This series explored what...

Is the New Remake of “Little Women” Overhyped?

Anna D. '24, Reporter February 13, 2021

Many “Little Women” fans cannot stop talking about the most recent remake, so is the movie actually worth watching? The answer is yes. Every scene in this movie is so perfectly thought out and entirely...

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