Student Artists Share Work at Return of Art Night

An Evening of the Arts is a night where students from all grades and art classes present their work for guests to see. The show features art from various levels and in many styles, from Intro to Art to AP art classes and graphic design. It also includes some singers, with soloists and a performance from the choir.

Art teachers Mrs. Mrozek and Ms. Buscarino started this tradition a few years ago, prior to the pandemic. Ms. Buscarino was one of the leaders for the event.

“We did the art show before the pandemic and now we’re just bringing it back,” Buscarino said.

The art night is not a small event, as hundreds of students have been partaking in this event over the years. Marysol Guadarrama ‘25 is part of the intro to art class, and her work was on display for attendees to see.

“So I’ve done a couple of things, but one of my favorites was definitely this Switzerland landscape thing,” Guadarrama said.

Elena Filandro ‘24 was one of the soloist performers at the event. Although she did not share any physical art at the event, she sang musical numbers that gained applause from the guests.

“This event is like showing off people’s art that they worked on in Padua Academy and it’s showcasing their creativity,” Filandro said.

This night showcased many types of art produced by the students, highlighting the wide range of styles and difficulty levels.

“Everyone was able to bring their families and friends,” Buscarino said, “so it’s just a real celebration of creativity at Padua.”

Hear Lydia F. ’25 discuss the Evening of the Arts