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KP's employees pose for a picture. They are, from left, Melissa Gioaa, Brianna Parnes, Kimberly Costalas, Jackie Mraz, and Alicia Leonardo.

How a Local Medspa Operates During COVID-19

Gia Z. '24 May 6, 2021

KP Aesthetics, a popular spa located in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania, was shut down for three months due to the coronavirus pandemic and lost much revenue. However, KP has overcome that hurdle and reopened...

Amelia Maguire '24 and Kaitlyn Mark '21 win the Halloween Costume Contest  as Daphne and Velma from

Big Sister, Little Sister Tradition Continues Virtually

Erin R. '21 May 4, 2021

The Big Sister, Little Sister Program has been a staple of any student’s freshman and senior years at Padua. Many events such as “breakfast and beanies,” the Christmas gift auction, Halloween Kahoots,...

Julia Querey (right) poses with the state title championship trophy.

Track & Field Team Wins 9th Consecutive State Title During Pandemic

Tiara N. '23 May 3, 2021

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to run everyday with a mask on your face? What it is like to compete in meets in the frigid and icy-cold weather during a pandemic? How would you overcome this...

Leah Gentilotti completes a service project at the beach alongside her peers. While this service opportunity was in person, many students resorted to virtual activities.

Searching for Service

Julia T. '24 April 30, 2021

Being one of the four pillars, service plays an important role within the student life of Padua. According to the data collected this year by school service clubs, students recorded a total of 119,023...

A few scenes from the past year.

Covid-19 – One Year Later – Students Reflect on Their Experiences During Covid

On March 13th, 2020, Padua Academy received notice that school would be transitioning to a virtual schedule for two weeks.  Two weeks turned to four and then eventually to the end of the school year....

The man behind a number of mind-boggling films, Christopher Nolan is back to direct “Tenet”, a thrilling movie about time travel and, ultimately, friendship. The star-studded cast includes Robert Pattinson, John David Washington, and Elizabeth Debicki.

“Tenet” Proves Strange but Spectacular

Emily M. '22 March 11, 2021

Mind-bending, action-packed, and shocking, “Tenet” offered viewers a chance to return to the theaters for another masterpiece from director Christopher Nolan. Terrific acting coupled with meticulous...

Edgar Allan Poe's

“The Premature Burial”: Four Stories in One

Ruth O. '24 March 9, 2021

“The Premature Burial” explores the concept of literary “pleasurable pain”. It is a deep exploration of gothic literature. A forefront to the type of fear experienced from being trapped in a grave...

The film

“Bird Box” Review

Mame N. '24 March 9, 2021

First released in 2018, the “Bird Box” fan base grew quite rapidly in a minuscule amount of time, with memes and trends overflowing on all social media platforms about the film. An adaptation of the...

Evolution of the iPhone

Maddie T. '21 March 7, 2021

From their first iPhone in 2007 to the latest iPhone 12 in 2020, Apple has proven to be the company to beat when it comes to changed and defined smartphones. For the past 13 years, Apple’s iPhones continued...

An Analysis on Zeros by Declan McKenna

An Analysis on Zeros by Declan McKenna

Sam K. '24, Reporter March 4, 2021

Declan McKenna’s “Zeros” is an entrancing and majestic album evoking the future as well as the past. “Zeros” perfectly encapsulates 70s glam rock, but also has a taste of modern pop. It is reminiscent...

Review on Wonder

Review on Wonder

Caitlyn F. '24, Reporter March 3, 2021

Wonder is a wholesome film that follows a 10 year old boy named Auggie, played by Jacob Tremblay. This heartstopping story involves a lot of drama, suspicion, and intensity. “Wonder” brings out so...

This is the official movie poster for

A Delightfully Average Movie: “Onward” Review

Erin R. '21 March 3, 2021

The 2020 Disney Pixar film “Onward” is a heartwarming yet underwhelming tale of family and growing up. This film tells a new but familiar story of a tragic twist on a magic spell. While this movie...

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