SAT Prep

Attention Juniors! The SAT’s will be here before you know it and it’s never too early to prepare. By December there will be the registration dates shown for the future SAT and ACT. January will be the month of longer meetings with your guidance counselors and also when registrations will be available. In order to prepare for the SAT, there are just a few simple tasks to improve your skills.

Some students opt for an SAT/ACT prep book. Books can be purchases at Barnes & Noble and Amazon. These books range in price from $10.00-$30.00. College Freshman Hannah Danz said, “My dad bought me a SAT/ACT preparation book and the first time I took the SAT I didn’t look at it, but before I took my SAT the second time I worked on the problems in this book and my score improved greatly.”

Students have had mixed results in hiring private tutors. Ultimately it is up to your own preference and can be beneficial to those who like to work one on one. Clare Crivelli, a senior from St Marks said, “I received tutoring from a professor every week,  it was not beneficial because I did better the first time I took the SAT, but that’s just me.” On the other hand, some student have significantly increased their scores.  “I prepared for the SAT by getting a reading as well as a math tutor. It was extremely effective I was able to raise my overall score by nearly 200 points”, said student Claire Bisson ’18.

By taking action on some of these ways of preparation including the SAT/ACT workbooks, online tutoring or in person tutoring services, and even SAT prep classes, there is a high chance in improving your next SAT’s scores. The time will be here before you know it!